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Epox EP-8NPA7I Motherboard

Epox  EP-8NPA7I Motherboard

Specification Epox EP-8NPA7I Motherboard

Epox EP-8NPA7I Motherboard support CPU Socket:
Support Socket-754 based AMD Athlon-64/Sempron up to 3700+ with 1.6GTs HyperTransport processor

System Memory:
Two 184-pin DDR SDRAM DIMM sockets
Support single-sided or double-sided 2.5v DDR-333/400 DIMMs in 128/256/512Mb technologies
Support Asynchronous clocking mode between FSB and DIMM
Support up to 2GB system memory

nVidia nForce4 4X AGPset

Expansion Slots:
Three PCI connectors compliant with PCI v2.2
TwoPCI Express (x1) connectors compliant with PCI Express 1.0a
One PCI Express (x16) connectors compliant with PCI Express 1.0a

Ten USB connectors compliant with USB2.0 from embedded USB controller (4 connectors at rear panel).

Two IDE ports (up to 4 IDE devices) with UDMA-33, ATA-66/100/133 support from embedded IDE controller.

Four S-ATA ports from nForce4 4X with up to 150MBps bandwidth.

100 Mb Ethernet from onboard Realtek RTL8201CL F-Ethernet PHY.

Onboard Realtek ALC-655 selectable 2 or 6-CH audio CODEC (AC97 v2.3 compliant)
Support Aux-In, CD-In, S/PDIF-in and S/PDIF-out
Support SPDIF Coaxial output.
Support Front panel audio for Mic-In and stereo Line-out only.
(Front panel Line-out electrically shared with rear panel Line-out).
Support Auto Jack Sensing for fool-proof audio device installation
Onboard ALC850 for 8NPA+ only

Onboard Winbond W83627THF LPC I/O controller
Legacy peripheral interface for PS/2 keyboard & mouse, FDD, Parallel, Two Serial, Game and IrDA (v1.0 compliant), ¡K
Support Hardware Monitoring function such as fan speed monitoring and CPU temperature sensing.

4Mb Flash EEPROM with Award Plug & Play BIOS
Support EZ Boot for fast bootable device selection
Support Magic Health for system hardware status report during system boot-up

Special Features:
Support KBPO (Keyboard Power ON) function
Support Wake-On-LAN by PME
Support CPU Over Heat protect
PowerBIOS for excellent over clocking features:
Support Asynchronous FSB/DIMM timing mode
Support BIOS adjustable CPU clock and voltage, DIMM frequency and voltage settings.

Powerful utilities for Windows:
EPTP (EPoX Thunder Probe) for system hardware monitoring
Magic Flash for BIOS update without requiring DOS flash utility and bootable diskette
Magic Screen for personal bootup screen design

Form Factor:
305mm x 210mm x 40mm, ATX Size

User¡¦s manual, IO shield
CD for drivers, utilities and bundle software
Flat IDE & FDD cables.
S-ATA data and power cable

OS Supported:
Windows 2K/XP(32/64bit)/Server2003(32/64bit)

Memory Approval List
EP-8NPA7I _PCB_0.0 Mix Mode-2dimm-020505
EP-8NPA7I _PCB_0.0 DDR400-2dimm-020505
EP-8NPA7I _PCB_0.0 DDR333-2dimm-020505

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